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Dear followers/tumblr,

See this guy? The short one in the pictures with the awesome mustache and passive eyes? That guy is my daddy- and he needs our help.

He has been struggled with liver disease and cancer, and a whole other mess of health problems for a good chunk of his life. Last night he was admitted into the hospital- only to be told today that they aren’t sure how much longer he has. He has two massive tumors near his heart (which were removed and treated last year but grew back)- and fluid all around his heart. This has been causing him to have uncontrollable coughing fits so that he can not get enough air- and passes out because of it. If untreated, he is said to have 2 weeks to 6 months to live on estimate. Soon they are going to try a new, experimental chemotherapy but if it does not work- there is not much else they can do except hope for a miracle.

Recently- all of his friends put together a ton of money and bought him an all expenses paid vacation to Florida with my brother. 4 star hotel, first class plane tickets, (A LIMO) to bring them to and from the airport, and a MUSTANG to drive around the Florida keys for six days. My dad has almost nothing and this trip means the world to him- And it almost got canceled due to his hospitalization last night.

But the doctors realized they had to let him go- because they aren’t sure if he will ever be well enough to go ever again.

So please, I need your prayers. I am not a religious person (I don’t believe in organized religion), but what I do believe in is god, and the power of prayer and positive energy. 

Pray that he will have a safe flight to Florida, feel good the whole time, and have the time of his life. And that when he comes back, this new treatment will help him. He is only 56 years old- and I have full faith that once he gets well- it will give him a whole new chance to live his life again. To have his own place to live again (he is forced to live with my grandfather), to fall in love again, to have GRANDCHILDREN. I know he would make the most wonderful grandfather and my unborn children will just light up his life.

But he loses all this if he dies this young.  

So please reblog this- tell your friends to reblog this. And lets try to get as many prayers and positive energy out there for him. It would mean the world to me and a LIFE to him. 

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sorry about not posting for the past how many weeks!? The holidays got to me. But I’m starting up now, only drinking water, milk, & almond milk. No more junk food, eating in portions, & exercising. & back to posting every single day! AHHH! Haha (: but yes, I am back & no more breaks. NO MORE! Ok, back to watching my show. One Tree Hill <3 HAHA. Bye! 

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brendab988 asked: Any weight loss/results yet? How do you feel so far?

Idk yet! I haven’t weight myself yet! & it’s going well. The holidays were hard though /: but I’m still continuing this journey to lose weight c:

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Todayyyyyy (: + a little rant…

So, today, I woke up & ate some cottage cheese with pineapples. Then for lunch, I had 2 quesadillas with feta cheese and turkey. I also drank a little tiny bit of pepsi. Poop. I don’t drink soda at all but Emma was drinking it & I drank some -___- Blah! Then, for some snacks, I had a jello mousse strawberry shortcake thing. Hahaha. For dinner, I had Posole with lime. Mmmmm. As for exercise, I danced around for 30 min altogether (throughout the day) & then before going to sleep, I’m going to do 20 air squats, 20 crunches, 15 jumping jacks, & I’m going to lift 5 pound weights for I don’t know how long yet. & I’m probably just going to dance around in my room c: Haha.

I am soooo excited for these next two weeks! Tomorrow, I have to work & help out at the bagel, then Thursday, I’m going to work with my mom & helping out at the bagel.

Friday: helping out at the bagel & taking me permit test c:

Saturday: work (it’s going to be SO busy since there’s so many orders for tamales & there are also platters that I need to make. BUTTTT I’m gonna get some money from those (; haha). Then I’m going to go to my aunt’s parents house for Christmas eve.

Sunday: Christmas, going to my dads apartment & just spending the day with him. 

Then, Monday - Friday are probably just going to be normal days. 

Wednesday: taking my sis & her friend to the airport since she’s leaving for Spain to go visit my other sister who’s over there ‘till May for school. HOPEFULLY, I can get a job & save up so my mom & I can go. I want to visit soooo bad!!!

Then, Saturday is NEW YEARS EVE!!! I really want to go to a party & just spend the night having fun! This will be my first year being at a party for New Years! AHHH! Hopefully, someone has one & I will just enjoy the day. 

So, this was just a little rant about what I’m excited about these next few weeks. WOWOWOWOWOW!!! The time is going by so fast!!! I can’t believe it, another year has passed. So much has happened this year, good & bad. Let’s see what the new year brings (:

Goodnight everyone <3